TRT/Men’s Health

Testosterone is a naturally produced sex hormone that contributes to many functions in the human body. Testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol and levels are carefully controlled by the pituitary gland in the brain. As we age, our levels significantly decrease creating undesired symptoms.

At Downstate Adult Health NP we address additional issues such as low energy, erectile dysfunction, decreased muscle mass, and weight gain.

Functions of testosterone include:

  • Helps maintain energy levels and mood
  • Improves bone strength and muscle mass
  • Regulates sex drive and sperm production
  • Regulates fat distribution in the body

Signs of Low Testosterone:

  • Decreased Libido and Erections
  • Decreased Energy and vigor
  • Increase in irritability and depression
  • Decrease in cognitive function
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Increase in Fat mass- abdominal obesity
  • Poor muscle mass and strength
  • Decrease in bone mineral density.

At Downstate Adult Health, we take a personalized approach and offer solutions (in addition to TRT), for erectile dysfunction, boosting testosterone production, and addressing metabolic health.